WE THE PEOPLE: Defining Our Constitutional Voice

Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. . .The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” ~Milan Kundera

Could that possibly happen in the United States?

The question for 21st Century “We the People” of the United States is not “Can that happen in the United States?” but, rather, “Are we going to allow that to continue to happen in our “One Republic under God”? And are ‘We the People” Sentinels of Freedom and are “We the Sovereign States” Sentinels of Freedom going to halt the theft of the freedom of “We the People” and the destruction of the sovereignty of “We the Sovereign States”?

We must not only sound the alarm, but we must take to the battle towers.

Henry Leissing’s thesis advisor in law school first recognized the potential for this book, which grew from a research paper on the Tenth Amendment. Now, with rarely cited footnotes and resources, Henry’s book will take its place among those of previous scholars, whose deepest passion has been the on-going education of the American people on their heritage, their rights, and their sober responsibilities to continue to secure these sacred rights for the next generation.

This book is the first of three. The second book, “We the People: Defending Our Constitutional Voice” will be followed by the third book, “We the People: Demanding Our Constitutional Voice”.

A hefty section in the Appendix spotlights “Sentinels of Freedom” which Henry says have been posted throughout the constitution to protect the freedom of the people and the sovereignty of the states.


Go Back And Fetch It

In the course of my journey in writing this book, I learned that there is an African word, sankofa. Sankofa means “go back and fetch it.” It means to step back into the past, fetch the truths and the stories, and bring them to the present, so we don’t make the same mistakes.

I realized that I was being called to be obedient and to sankofa: to obey, go back, and fetch it. I was being sent to go back and fetch the truth and the vision of “We the People” of 1787, of “We the Original Thirteen Sovereign States,” of our Founding Fathers and our Founding Mothers. And after going back and fetching it, I was to bring their true Dream, their true revelation into our 21st Century.

It seemed that each and every time that I “went back” into our Country’s founding and the birth of our Constitution there was always a message “handed” to me to bring back and tell our 21st Century United States. Each time there seemed to be an insistence that would not stop.

The message of this book is that our “One Republic under God” has so turned from the commands and calling of God. Our path into our future requires us to “go back” into our past, “fetch” those God-ordained truths, and “bring” them into our present: SANKOFA.

Henry Leissing

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