In the mid-1800’s Karl Marx formulated the process of enslavement of a people that goes back to biblical times, and he wrote and actively taught his formula.

Marx knew, understood, and propagated the age-old formula of how to steal the freedom of any group of people and enslave any sovereign and independent State. He wrote and actively taught:

“People separated from their history are easily persuaded.”

The question that immediately leaps to the forefront is this: “How can you separate a people from their history?”

Milan Kundera, a former disciple of Karl Marx, outlined the very clear and terrifying “Battle Plan” by which he saw his own Czechoslovakia enslaved by atheistic Communism. Milan Kundera grew up in post-World War II communist Czechoslovakia and had enthusiastically embraced Marxist Communism. There he experienced firsthand how a good and religious people can be taken over.

He witnessed how his family, neighbors, and his whole nation started celebrating new holidays and how they started learning a new fabricated history of their own nation. Milan Kundera witnessed how his Czeck countrymen ceased to celebrate and remember those festivals and events that had been a part of their history and heritage for centuries and, in some instances, millennia.

Milan Kundera escaped to France, and gave to the world the communist blueprint for enslaving a nation.

Could this happen in America? Not only could it happen, it is already well underway.

The enslaver isn’t Communism. It isn’t Fascism. The enslaver is our own federal government.

I find it fascinating that the greatest fear of our Founding Fathers was not foreign invasion, but the intrusion of an overreaching Federal Government into the individual lives of “We the People.” It was the greatest fear had by the delegates to the 1787 Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. It was the greatest fear of “We the Original Thirteen Sovereign States” who comprised the original Union and who ratified our Constitution, our “Miracle of Philadelphia.”

The opponents of our Miracle of Philadelphia were able to see what history has proven true: government, unless kept in constant check, expands and steals the freedom of the very people that “so called” government is supposed to serve. The need for alert and aggressive Sentinels of Freedom standing between “We the People” and the Government of our “One Republic under God” are greater now in the 21st Century than they have ever been in the previous history of our “One Republic under God.”

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Henry Leissing is an author and speaker on the subject of the early founding of America. Henry holds a doctorate of law and is a life-long student of history, theology, government and law.

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